Treasure Island Hotel and Casino MN

06/07/2020 Off By margarita

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino MN are considered as one of the biggest casino hotels in Minnesota. It is also one of the main casino hotels in the state. So, if you are looking for a casino in MN then Treasure Island is the best place to go.

treasure island hotel and casino mn

The hotel has seven main casinos including Royal City, Westgate Las Vegas, Atlantis, Treasure Island, Ice Palace, Legoland and Casinos Mogul. The casino in the hotel is situated in one of the largest enclosed domes which gives a unique feel for those who are in the casino, a view of the lake and the rolling waves of water.

The hotel in Minnesota is situated near the lively city of Minneapolis. Visitors can easily get their way to the casino with only about ten minutes from the hotel and still not spend more than $10 dollars. This means that there is a reasonable value of time. You can visit the casino anytime of the day and will not be disappointed.

This casino in Minnesota is fully equipped with air conditioned rooms. You will find a wide variety of food and drinks in the hotel bar area. A number of activities are offered for all visitors including ice skating, boat cruises, ice fishing, and night clubs.

Also, there are night entertainment shows held at the hotel with the help of a stage. There are also several shopping centers, which are located close to the hotel.

The casino is open twenty-four hours a day, so this means that if you have a spare time in the evening then you can visit the casino. You can experience the thrill of playing the slot machines in the casino and win money. You can take advantage of the free limo service to reach the other side of the Twin Cities or move your car back to the hotel itself.

The security of the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino MN is considered to be very good. They have a very strict code of conduct which protects visitors from the risks of crime and has made sure that the staff is well trained and fully qualified to serve the needs of the guests.

So, if you are looking for a casino in Minnesota then Treasure Island is the right place to go. There are a number of activities available to help you relax and enjoy yourself. There are also a number of games and prizes offered to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves.