Las Vegas, Nevada – Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

04/27/2020 Off By margarita

Treasure Island Hotel and Casino Las Vegas is a private club that is quite popular with its VIP members. It’s great fun to have some of your own poker games at this golf themed resort on Treasure Island in Las Vegas.

The hotel and casino offer its clientele a total fun, entertainment and play experience with an array of live entertainment on site. If you have a little extra time, there is plenty to see and do. For example, the club has it’s own tram that can take you around town and round up a few exclusive gaming rooms to suit your game. It’s also important to note that all activities at the club will take place on the day of your trip.

There are two different pools where you can play a round of poker, but for the best experience the club has it’s own private casino. This casino boasts over 100 slot machines and has a separate poker room to match. It’s also fun to watch the action as you sit in on the tables and try to beat the jackpots.

Of course if you have money, you can win jackpots on the slots on the first year’s date, and a year’s card on the second year’s date. Casino games include Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, High Roller Poker, Jacks and Ladders, and many more.

Along with these games there are nightly events at the hotel, including music, karaoke, dance lessons, and other night clubs. There is even a bar serving cocktails and beers to drink during the day. No matter what you’re looking for in a night out, there is plenty at Treasure Island to satisfy your thirst for live entertainment.

Of course there is the full package of entertainment too. Music has been an essential part of the Treasure Island hotel and casino experience for quite some time. Everything from classic rock, to rockabilly and even some of the greatest hip hop artists around have graced Treasure Island’s stage.

For those who enjoy a getaway vacation, then Treasure Island is the place to be. When you’ve had a few drinks and enjoyed the music, you’ll have an excellent time gambling at the games and swapping stories with your fellow players. It’s a fun way to unwind while still playing the games.

A little bit of gambling never hurt anyone, and no one is ever late for work without a good night’s sleep. With its own private casino, and other live shows and activities you can’t beat the getaway Vegas adventure. What more could you ask for?